At the midway point of the spring, it's clear that Auburn football has ways to go. But several players and positions are impressing.
Episode 265: A Pretty High StandardListen now (75 min) | Justin and Painter put a bow on the 2022-23 Auburn basketball season by recapping the Houston loss and what's next.
“We had great halves in a whole season. We just never had a great game... We had so much potential. We just never put it together.”
When the Tigers went nuclear on offense vs. Iowa, almost all of it came from the bench. Keep that in mind against Houston.
Episode 264: Zero Fear (feat. Adam Cole)Listen now (68 min) | Adam Cole of the OA News joins Justin in Birmingham to preview Auburn basketball’s second-round showdown vs. No. 1 Houston.
Of course the Tigers had another game go down to the wire. But, when it mattered most, they delivered — and they're still dancing.
Auburn was one of the youngest teams in the NCAAT last year. That's not the case now, and the Tigers can tell a difference.
Shooting and guard play go a long way in March. But how the Tigers perform right at the basket, on both ends of the floor, might be bigger.
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