13 For '13

Don't let one of the most famous endings in college football history totally overshadow what was already a legendary game.
The Browns wanted their own turnaround. While Malzahn (smartly) said no, let's explore the alternate universe where he said yes.
In 2013, Auburn dominated on the ground more than any team since Nebraska's glory days. No one has matched the Tigers since then.
The 2013 Tigers' win in College Station was football at absolute extremes, from the number of highlights to the snap count itself.
Gus Malzahn had a unique PAT formation. While it only resulted in a few extra points in the SEC title run, "Batman" was pure 2013 Auburn.
In just a couple of months during the 2013 season, an undersized piano player became one of the most feared pass-rushers in football.
From the situation Auburn faced to the play itself, Nick Marshall-to-Ricardo Louis to beat UGA in 2013 was improbable in every single sense.
No one wants to lose. But the 2013 Tigers learned so much from their Week 4 trip to LSU that they might not have won a title without it.
Auburn hadn't won an SEC game in 23 months. Nick Marshall hadn't been a consistent passer. Neither mattered on a drive for the ages.
"The Juggernaut" only touched the ball five times for Auburn in 2013. But the Tigers wouldn't have played for titles without him.
Ten years ago today, Auburn football started a new era — and showed early signs of what would turn these Tigers into champions.