Aubserver Mailbag 46: Balance, Balance, Balance

This week: Reasons for optimism, reasons for pessimism, the secondary, the pass rush, the RBs, the schedule and Korean fried chicken

(Todd Van Emst/Auburn Athletics)

Balance is key in most aspects of life. And that includes college football.

Whenever a team takes a tough first loss, especially in the circumstances that Auburn was in last Saturday at Penn State, it’s important not to overreact or under-react.

When it comes to looking for adjustments or changes moving forward, it’s also important to remember what Bryan Harsin, Mike Bobo, Derek Mason and the entire Tigers staff is built on doing — being balanced in all areas.

With that in mind, no one went nuclear with the hot takes after the Penn State loss in this week’s Mailbag. (You Observer subscribers are too smart for all that.) That made for a strong set of questions heading into Auburn’s homecoming matchup against Georgia State and the SEC schedule to come.

Let’s go.

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