Aubserver Mailbag 49: #EstablishIt

This week: Optimism for the Arkansas game, 1,000-yard rushers, personnel decisions, Big J Journalism, road trip music, Culver's and corndogs

I’m fully prepared to eat my words. I’m ready to be wrong.

But as I’ve gone through Auburn-Arkansas week, the more I feel confident about the Tigers’ chances of getting out of Fayetteville with a victory Saturday.

This is pretty rare for me. I know I tend to be a little more on the positive end of the spectrum with my Auburn analysis. (Maybe that’s the fan background in me, I don’t know.) Yet I rarely have clarity on an Auburn football matchup — at least one that is supposed to be competitive — heading into it. And I am on the record in saying that predicting and projecting anything about this program is extremely foolish.

I know there are a lot of Auburn fans who are still down from the Georgia loss. Some are very pessimistic about the season ahead. That’s understandable, and those fears might be realized over the next few weeks. Again, I can’t predict this team.

However, if you’re looking for a dose of optimism this week, maybe some of the answers to this mailbag will help. Call me a ho…

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