Aubserver Mailbag 48: Georgia On Your Mind

This week: Tank Bigsby, Jarquez Hunter, Bryan Harsin, J.J. Pegues, upset strategy, car decor, FIFA, music picks, cats and a whole lot more

RB Tank Bigsby (Todd Van Emst/Auburn Athletics)

It’s early in a new era for Auburn football, and it’s early in a new era for the Aubserver Mailbag.

Throughout the week, I asked for mailbag questions to be sent via email. A lot of you put in some very thoughtful ones about Auburn football, which will be the bulk of this week’s edition. This is a great development for me, because a) I hate begging for questions on Twitter and b) it shows people are actually reading what I’m writing.

But the email questions were, for the most part, all somewhat serious football business. And that’s not how we like to roll here on Fridays. So, Thursday afternoon, I sent out a tweet asking for last-minute questions that had nothing to do with Auburn football.

And y’all sent an all-out blitz.

I wasn’t able to get to all of them — there were more than 30! — but I appreciate them all dearly. It makes this weekly exercise that more enjoyable.

This week’s mailbag starts with several questions about Auburn’s backfield…

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