Aubserver Mailbag 47: Down in the Valley

This week: Bo vs. T.J., Death Valley, trench warfare, Eric Kiseau, defensive eye test, a lot of basketball, food, screamo and Succession

(Todd Van Emst/Auburn Athletics)

This is a big week. Not only is it Auburn football’s first SEC game under Bryan Harsin and the official start of Auburn basketball practice, but it’s been a full year since The Auburn Observer went behind the paywall.

It’s always a scary time whenever annual subscriptions roll over. Will the numbers drop off? Are people going to stay onboard? Do they actually like any of this stuff?

If you’re reading this, you’re a member of our Inner Circle. The vast majority of our Week 1 subscribers are still with us. You’ve stayed on, and we cannot thank you enough. This whole thing wouldn’t have happened — or continue to happen — without y’all. Whatever we say here won’t ever be enough, but thank you.

A big week means a big mailbag. We’re talking all things Auburn football and Auburn basketball, plus some general off-topic fun towards the end.

You know the drill. Let’s go.

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