For Auburn's offensive line, 'the real test comes this week' at Penn State

How much have the Tigers really taken a step forward up front under new management? The answers won't come until they're put in an extreme environment Saturday.

(Todd Van Emst/Auburn Athletics)

You can understand where Nick Brahms was coming from when he spoke Tuesday.

Brahms was asked about how he felt Auburn’s offensive line had performed as a whole through the first two games of the season, particularly after a slower start in the first half against FCS opponent Alabama State last Saturday.

The senior center agreed that the Tigers weren’t at their best early, but they “really got it going” after halftime. Then he followed it up with this:

“As an offensive line, I feel like we had two tune-up games I felt like that were against really good opponents…”

That’s a case of Brahms being respectful to his opponents. Honestly, the Tigers’ first two games were against one of the worst teams in FBS and a nearby FCS program. Neither have what it physically took to hang with Auburn, and it showed.

Besides, Auburn currently has the nation’s No. 1 offense in yards per play (9.87) and rushing yards per carry (9.58) — and it’s not because the new scheme from of…

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