Colby Wooden is truly one of the best all-around defensive linemen in college football

Whether it's rushing the passer or stopping the run, Auburn's star sophomore is putting up *elite* numbers for his position in 2021.

(Todd Van Emst/Auburn Athletics)

About a month ago, Colby Wooden let out a big sigh.

Auburn was a few days removed from its Week 3 loss at Penn State. Wooden didn’t record a sack in the game, which was something that clearly bothered him. A question was posed to Wooden: What did you learn from that game, and what are you going to take away from it moving forward?

Then came the sigh — a noise that echoed his inner exasperation, motivation and maybe even a little bit of frustration.

“I've just got to go harder,” Wooden said. “I was there. I was there on the quarterback several times, I was in the backfield several times. I just feel like I did my job, but I feel like I can make more plays and affect things more.

“So, yeah. Just take on double teams or whatever it is — I feel like I should just dominate more, pretty much.”

In the weeks since that answer, Wooden has backed up those words.

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Through the first three games of the season, the star sophomore defensive lineman had just seven tackles an…

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