Aubserver Mailbag 44: The Correct Jordan-Hare Stadium Time

This week: Week 1 to Week 2 improvements, Bo Nix, changes under Bryan Harsin, looking ahead, Cook Out, Cici's, basketball, AEW, TV theme songs and a lot more

DT Zykeivous Walker (Todd Van Emst/Auburn Athletics)

Welcome back to The Aubserver Mailbag, which is now in your inboxes and on the Internet at the correct time after last week’s scheduling error. (Sorry about that.)

To make up for last week’s fumble — hey, I had to tie into the main picture somehow — I am trying to break a record with this week’s Mailbag. There were a ton of you who asked questions via Twitter or email or even the comments on the Observer site. And they were all good ones I wanted to answer!

So, in that case, I put them all in this week. Now, to make sure they all fit in an email, the answers are a little more rapid-fire than usual. But I felt like the gap between a 50-point win and an FCS matchup is a perfect time to try something like this, right?


Let’s go.

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How did the result of game one change your perspective of the team?


The result itself didn’t change my perspective of Auburn too much. Auburn dominated Akron on both sides of the ball, and Akron is one of t…

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