Order your Auburn Observer stickers

We’re taking advantage of Auburn football’s off week to start selling Auburn Observer merch — and we’re starting with a simple product as a trial run for any bigger pieces we want to do in the future.

We’re selling two stickers — a 2” x 2” logo one and a 3” x 1” #EstablishIt one. To order this 2-pack, fill out the form at this link and send $2 to either the1andonlyJF@gmail.com on PayPal or @JFergusonAU on Venmo.

(If you are one of the Observers Unlimited subscribers who paid more than $60/year, you should have gotten an email on Sunday with a special link to get your free sticker pack. If you have any questions — or if you ordered yours this weekend and don’t receive them by early next week, send me an email or a DM and we’ll get that straightened out.)

Once you fill out the form and send in the $2 — just enough to cover the costs, we’re not trying to make a killing off of these things — your sticker pack will be put in the mail. Thanks again for subscribing to The Auburn Observer and making this a first two months that exceeded even our highest expectations.

-Justin & Painter