Feb 11, 2022·edited Feb 11, 2022

"Auburn is fully behind Coach Harsin as he now tries to navigate the SEC recruiting jungle with his arms eaten off by our boosters" -Jay Gogue

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Introducing your 2022 Auburn Vols.

I was idly wondering what his record had to be this year to show "progress" enough to keep his seat from being too hot. I figured another 6-6 season and no recruiting would be a death knell.

I still wonder, and wonder what saves him after this season. Whatever Gogue says, both he and AD Greene are gone and Harsin loses air cover. What record saves him? 8-4? 9-3? 7-5, but with upset wins vs a rival and Penn State and probably a top 10 ENSD class? Winning solves a lot, both in terms of seat temperature and recruiting, but this is quite a hill to climb.

Gonna be a long off-season, and unfortunately I think a really long season too.

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My take from this is that Harsin has better attorneys than Auburn. This probably only delays the inevitable, but that might not be such a bad thing right now. The most inexplicable part of all of this was the actions of the Auburn administration. It does not exactly fill you with confidence.

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