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Feel like including Cal and ranking all P5 opponents would be fun as well.

Vandy - 9

Miss St - 8

Cal - 7

Ole Miss - 6

Arkansas- 5

Tamu - 4

Lsu - 3

Alabama - 2

Georgia - 1

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At Texas A&M: 2 - Jimbo badly needs this one

Georgia: 4 - This is more about Georgia than Auburn. What’s the mindset of a team that’s likely won 20 straight and hasn’t been challenged by Auburn in years? If they sleepwalk, Auburn could pull an unlikely upset.

At LSU: 1 - Death Valley hasn’t been kind to Auburn.

Ole Miss: 6 - the easiest of the toss-up games.

Mississippi State: 8 - I don’t think Leach’s success will carry over to a new coaching staff.

At Vanderbilt: 7 - Auburn should just be better.

At Arkansas: 5 - The tougher of the toss-up games. Timing of this game is also poor as Arkansas will likely have time to get its staff on the same page. And Arkansas talent is equal or better than Auburn.

Alabama: 3 - It could still surprise me, but just don’t know if Auburn is where it needs to be to compete with Bama.

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