Nobody should lose his mind over any game this season. It’s a rebuild. Vegas set the over/under at 7 wins, which I thought was about right. I would have been wrong about some of the specific wins and losses.

The second-half offensive and defensive woes the last four games are a valid cause for concern, however.

Hars gets a pass this year.

But it’s fair to expect — better said, not to be surprised by — changes at the coordinator positions.

I don’t mind the strategic decision to go for it late in the second quarter, given down, distance & field position. The TACTICAL play call was coaching malpractice, when you have a 6’7” quarterback who can sneak it. And an RB behind him averaging eight per pop. Putting that play on the arm of TJF & a shaky receiving corps is borderline criminal.

And if Harsin loses two hours a sleep per night for the next two years over his 2-point decision vs State, that’s about right. He got his kicker’s knee exploded with that call, and it helped him lose to Carolina.

I don’t think Harsin fully understands he’s not in Idaho anymore. His Randy Weaver-like, weirdo position on the vaccine eroded some goodwill in the fan base. His shitty coaching the last three weeks has bitten off another chunk.

I’m curious if he has the humility to do a rational self-assessment after Year One.

And I’m not optimistic.

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Our first quarter scripted plays are great! However when the opponent makes adjustments, we do not counter,at all. I'm sorry but this is both coordinators AND THE HEAD COACH!!!! NO EXCUSES. WE SHOULD HAVE 9 WINS POSSIBLE 10

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