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BONUS: Where Should I Eat in Auburn?

BONUS: Where Should I Eat in Auburn?

Coming to the Plains this season? The Auburn Grubserver gives you the official restaurant picks, from cheaper classics to pricier all-stars.

The most frequent non-sports question we get at The Auburn Observer goes something like this: “I’m coming to Auburn for the first time in a while. Where should I eat?”

Justin and Dan are here to answer that question with their official recommendations that span a dozen categories:

  • Auburn Classics

  • Lunch Spots

  • Chicken/Wings

  • BBQ

  • Italian

  • Pizza

  • Korean

  • Chinese

  • Sports Bar

  • Breakfast/Brunch

  • Dessert

  • Fine(r) Dining

Disclaimer: We have not been paid by any of these restaurants for these shoutouts — although we wouldn’t mind some free food — as these are our 100% honest recommendations for local eating.

Be sure to shout out your favorite spots in the comments or tweet them to us.

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