Feb 24 • 7M

Episode 257: Closing Time

Justin and Painter review Auburn's close call with Ole Miss and look ahead to a massive opportunity at Kentucky.


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Justin Ferguson
Painter Sharpless
Justin Ferguson, Dan Peck, Painter Sharpless and friends take you inside the stats, strategies and stories of Auburn football and basketball.
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Justin and Painter open the show by talking about buying gum from a baseball stadium, prepaid wireless cell phones and creating a petition to bring back Movie Gallery. You know, the usual.

The episode gets back on track with a breakdown of Auburn basketball’s 78-74 win over Ole Miss. The guys talk about how the Tigers were finally able to pull off a close victory in the final minutes, why they were in a very uncomfortable position in the first place and what made Johni Broome and Wendell Green Jr. so special.

Then it’s a look toward Rupp Arena for Saturday’s game at Kentucky. Auburn has only won there twice in program history. Justin breaks down how Auburn could pull off a landmark victory, and Painter gives his perspective on how big this win would be for the program at this time of year.

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