Jun 16 • 8M

Episode 289: Flex on ‘Em

Justin is back. Dan defends his movie directors. But most of the episode is about Auburn’s 2024 schedule and recruiting class.


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Justin Ferguson
Dan Peck
Painter Sharpless
Justin Ferguson, Dan Peck, Painter Sharpless and friends take you inside the stats, strategies and stories of Auburn football and basketball.
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Justin is back. The guys open the show by addressing a scathing review of Dan’s mailbag. (The football talk starts at the 11-minute mark.)

Painter and Dan give their thoughts on Auburn’s 2024 SEC opponents and what the league did with the entire schedule. They reflect on what is lost with the end of the LSU game as an annual matchup and what is gained in this new format.

Then the guys talk about Auburn’s trio of recent 2024 commitments — Joseph Phillips, Kensley Faustin and Bryce Cain. Justin talks about the big-picture situation for the Tigers on the recruiting trail. Dan references Succession again. Painter asks about beans.

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