Feb 3 • 3M

Episode 251: Like Drinking from a Fire Hose

Justin and Painter discuss a massive list of topics, from Auburn basketball's busy week to the latest recruiting pickups in two sports.

Justin Ferguson and Painter Sharpless take you inside the stats, strategies and stories of Auburn football and basketball on The Auburn Observer Podcast.
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Justin and Painter open a packed show by looking back at Auburn basketball’s extremely efficient revenge win over rival Georgia and looking ahead at a brutal second half of the SEC schedule that starts with a trip to face Tennessee’s elite defense in Knoxville this weekend.

The guys also discuss the recent commitment of Tahaad Pettiford in basketball — plus the potential of Labaron Philon joining the 2024 class — along with the football pickups of both Malik Autry and Jayden Lewis.

They also wonder what Nick Saban is thinking with some of these coordinator candidates at Alabama and talk about how Auburn’s new football staff is being (refreshingly) very honest about the program right now.

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