Dec 8, 2022 • 3M

Episode 236: With That Being Said,

Justin and Painter talk Auburn-Memphis, the custody of Jalen Green, the transfer portal, assistant coach searches, the Heisman, the UPS Store and a whole lot more.


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Justin Ferguson
Painter Sharpless
Justin Ferguson and Painter Sharpless take you inside the stats, strategies and stories of Auburn football and basketball on The Auburn Observer Podcast.
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Painter breaks his phone and preemptively complains about waiting in line. Justin reminisces on his days working retail during the holiday season. That ought to tell you how the rest of the episode is about to go.

The guys talk about how the transfer portal hasn’t really affected Auburn football too much yet and who the Tigers might go after as the boards start to fill out. They also discuss the continued construction of Hugh Freeze’s coaching staff and why it’s understandable that some fans might be getting antsy.

Then they switch to a preview of Auburn basketball’s big matchup against Memphis in Atlanta on Saturday. Painter points out similarities between the two sets of Tigers, and Justin proposes that the winner of this game gets to say they were going to sign Jalen Green if he didn’t go the G League route. There’s also talk about basketball scheduling and how to fix the Heisman Trophy ceremony.

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