Feb 16 • 8M

Episode 255: A Show Me State-ment

Justin and Painter break down Auburn's 33-point rout of Missouri, look ahead to the Vandy trip and talk about the NCAA's latest troubles.

Justin Ferguson and Painter Sharpless take you inside the stats, strategies and stories of Auburn football and basketball on The Auburn Observer Podcast.
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Justin and Painter unveil their secret agenda behind the newsletter and podcast before breaking down Auburn basketball’s 33-point rout of Missouri on Tuesday night. They talk about why Bruce Pearl’s Tigers were able to nail this specific matchup, what aspects of the win might be replicable moving forward and who stood out the most.

Then the guys take a look at Auburn’s matchup at Vanderbilt, which has won four straight SEC games and will be looking for another big home win. Justin tries to explain why Vanderbilt is so dangerous without sounding cliche. Painter reminisces on the calmest storming of fans in conference history.

The episode concludes with a discussion of the NCAA’s newest legal drama. Pay the kids.

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