Episode 137: Murray Christmas

Justin and Painter recap Auburn basketball's big win over Murray State and preview football's Birmingham Bowl matchup vs. Houston. Also, karaoke.

Justin and Painter recap Auburn basketball’s 71-58 win against Murray State. They discuss the Tigers’ unselfish play on both ends of the floor and why they’re in a great spot for the brutal SEC slate to come.

Then it’s a switch over to football, where Bryan Harsin will look to go 1-0 in, well, bowl games at Auburn with a matchup early next week against Houston. They give their keys to the game and discuss what a win would mean for a program trying to get momentum rolling for an important 2022 in more ways than one.

Note: Due to the holiday calendar, the next podcast episode will be after the Birmingham Bowl, so keep that in mind this weekend. We’ll recap Auburn-Houston and preview Auburn-LSU next Wednesday, then we’ll have another recap podcast for subscribers either Thursday or Friday.

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