Jan 27 • 6M

Episode 249: Country Roads

Justin and Painter look back at the loss to A&M and look ahead to a huge WVU game before talking about Derick Hall, potential first-rounder.


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Justin Ferguson
Painter Sharpless
Justin Ferguson, Dan Peck, Painter Sharpless and friends take you inside the stats, strategies and stories of Auburn football and basketball.
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Justin proposes that Painter should become the new voice of the Atlanta Braves. That, somehow, turns into a discussion about what coaches wear on the sidelines and which football head man should bravely start wearing full suits this fall.

The guys recap Auburn basketball’s loss to Texas A&M and look at the recurring problems in defeats for Bruce Pearl’s squad. Then they turn their attention to the road trip to West Virginia, which starts a really brutal stretch of games that could make or break the Tigers’ season.

The episode ends with a salute to Derick Hall, who is projected to the boys’ beloved Buffalo Bills in the first round of Mel Kiper’s new mock draft. Painter explains why Buffalo would be a perfect landing spot for Hall, while Justin breaks down why he should be a first-rounder. They also discuss Auburn football’s recent run of success with players from the state of Mississippi.

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