Mar 24, 2022 • 1HR 13M

Episode 163: Under Construction

Justin and Painter talk Dematrius Davis, Malik Willis, Bryan Harsin, football vibes, Yohan Traore, Bruce Pearl's roster, grocery stores and much more.

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Justin Ferguson
Painter Sharpless
Justin Ferguson, Dan Peck, Painter Sharpless and friends take you inside the stats, strategies and stories of Auburn football and basketball.
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Justin and Painter discuss Dematrius Davis’ departure from Auburn, the current quarterback situation and what really happened with potential first-round NFL draft pick Malik Willis on the Plains.

Then they talk about Ro Torrence’s own move into the transfer portal and what that means for a secondary trying to build back up in 2022. That leads to a discussion of Bryan Harsin, necessary changes and a sense of “quiet optimism” among some Auburn fans about the future.

The episode ends with a good bit of basketball talk, headlined by the Tigers’ chances at snatching 5-star center Yohan Traore for the 2022 class. The guys talk about Auburn’s roster construction and what that might look like in the coming weeks and months for Bruce Pearl and his staff.

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