Jul 6 • 10M

Episode 295: Recruiting and Restaurant Talk (feat. Christian Clemente)

Christian Clemente breaks down Perry Thompson, Cam Coleman and the big Auburn recruits to watch. Also: A long food discussion.


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Justin Ferguson
Dan Peck
Painter Sharpless
Justin Ferguson, Dan Peck, Painter Sharpless and friends take you inside the stats, strategies and stories of Auburn football and basketball.
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Christian Clemente of Auburn Undercover returns for his quarterly podcast appearance to talk all things Auburn football recruiting with Justin, Dan and Painter.

Christian shares his thoughts on Cam Coleman’s stunning commitment to Texas A&M and Auburn’s attempt to flip 5-star wide receiver Perry Thompson from Alabama. He runs through a list of top-tier recruits Tigers fans need to watch out for over the next several weeks, including Big Cat Weekend at the end of July.

After 40 minutes of quality recruiting intel from Christian, the rest of the podcast turns into a chaotic discussion on restaurants in Auburn and restaurants we wished were in Auburn.

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